8 Hotels With Awe Inspiring Infinity Pools

A hotel pool can be a little added bonus or it can be a hotel’s impressive centerpiece. An infinity pool is especially unique as it is designed to produce an illusion of water vanishing into the horizon. Take a look at the hotels we recommend for those seeking to take a memorable dip into luxury.

Pool With a View

Katikies Pool

Pools for the Greek Gods

The islands of Greece are known for the stark contrasts of blues and whites. The volcanic island of Santorini majestically rises from the sapphire Aegean. Nestled on the caldera cliffs of Oia is the Katikies Hotel and its two celestial infinity pools with unrivaled views.


Reefs Bermuda Pool

A Pool Above the Turquoise Atlantic

The infinity pool at The Reefs Hotel in Bermuda is picture perfect. Enjoy the views of the coral reefs below with a Bermuda Rum Swizzle.


Ubud Hanging Gardens pool

Waters Suspended Above a Tropical Rainforest

Ubud Hanging Gardens invites a refreshing and peaceful view over the tropical valley with glimpses towards a Balinese temple. The bi-level infinity pool hangs dramatically over the rainforest while the aroma of exotic flowers fills the air.In addition to the main pool, all rooms and suites have their own individual horizon-edge pool.


Turks&Caicos Pool

A Caribbean Pool With Hot Tub Island

Surrounded by a wooden deck and loungers covered in an invitingly soft terry fabric, The infinity pool at the Regent Palms Hotel in the Turks and Caicos enjoys stunning views of Grace Bay.[hr]

Marina Bay Sands Pool

A Rooftop Pool in Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel has an infinity pool, 57 floors above street level, that overlooks the colorful skyline of Singapore. [hr]

Jade Mountain Pool

Ensuite Infinity Pools in the Caribbean

Each suite at Jade Mountain Resort features a glass tiled infinity pool with views of the emerald peaks of St. Lucia. These pools are primary elements in the building’s design and each is unique both in color and shape. [hr]

Maha Desert Pool

Infinity Pools Fit for Dubai

Guests control the temperature of their own private infinity pool located in each suite at the Al Maha Desert Resort in Dubai. The main infinity pool is just one of 43 total on this resort’s grandiose desert real estate.[hr]

Likuliku Lagoon Pool

A Fijian Water Paradise

Likuliku in the Malolo dialect translates to calm lagoons. The Likuliku Lagoon Resort is a fitting name for the overwater resort with a traditional canoe house style reception area just off of which is the tranquil infinity pool with views over the blue lagoon.


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