Storied Mansions Converted into Luxury Hotels

Aristocracy of years gone by is intriguing to many as is evidenced by the popularity of shows such as Downton Abbey. Many mansions which were once private residences have been transformed into hotels due to varying circumstances. Fortunately for us, many of their current owners try to capture days gone by while providing guests with modern day luxuries. In fact, some even come with original artwork or antiques which graced these homes alongside their former occupants. Each comes with its own unique story passed down from one generation to the next.

Immerse yourself in the storied history of one of these top five mansions and manor houses turned hotel.


The Villa By Barton G., Miami, Florida

Find sanctuary in one of  ten opulently appointed hotel suites that await guests at fashion designer Gianni Versace’s former mansion on Miami’s Ocean Drive.



Casa Gangotena, Quito, Ecuador

Due to the importance of old Quito’s Plaza San Francisco over the centuries, wealthy families built their homes around it. This mansion on the hotel’s present site later became the residence of several Republican-era presidents. It was completely rebuilt in 1926 by its owners, the Gangotenas, whose family included important industrialists, politicians, landowners, academics and even poets.



Adare Manor Hotel, Adare, Ireland

This exceptional Neo-Gothic manor owes its existence to one of the most excruciating ailments of its time. The second Earl of Dunraven, an active outdoorsman, had been laid low by gout and confined to indoors. His wife, Lady Caroline, had encouraged him to embrace this immense architectural undertaking to distract him from the pain of the disease. It was a distraction that would develop and mature into the next generation.



Les Ottomans Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

This luxurious ten-suite, boutique hotel on the Bosphorous was built in the 1790 as a mansion for Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha. Family members lived in the mansion until 1929. On the property, there is an exquisite Ottoman era fountain and garden set that dates back to the time of Ahmet III.



La Posta Vecchia Hotel, Ladispoli, Italy

In the 17th century, this hotel was an outbuilding of the castle owned by the Orsini family, one of the oldest families in Rome. Following its sale, and a devastating fire, the American billionaire J. Paul Getty purchased the property in the 1960s, transforming it into his seaside home. During the restoration, a Roman villa from the 2nd century BC was discovered and its precious remnants are now exhibited in the hotel’s museum.


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