5 Cool Things About the New Legoland Hotel

legloland hotel california

The Legoland Hotel California is like a Las Vegas style hotel made with kids and families in mind. The creators did not leave anything out. A welcome letter in the room is written to the kids with rules for their grown ups. The rooms are not only fun with three themes to choose from (Kingdom, Pirate or Adventure), but they are well designed, comfortable and seemingly soundproof. It is truly a hotel for children with parent’s needs in mind (complete with both the Skyline Cafe and Mini Lounge that serve snacks and beverages that take the edge off). When you are ready to hit Legoland, just skip out the back of the hotel and you are at the entrance to the park! The proximity is even twice as nice when Legoland closes for the evening. Funny enough, this might just be the most relaxed I have felt since becoming a parent to three energetic children.

Ride the Disco Elevator

Even moms and dads will want to ride this elevator just for fun! When the doors shut, get ready to dance. The disco ball with colored lights starts spinning and songs like Dancing Queen start pumping. While you wait for your ride, be sure to jump on the Whoopie Cushion embedded in the carpet by the lift.
legoland hotel disco elevator

Discover Impressive Lego Models

Everywhere you look, you will spot impressive Lego models. The wall behind the receptions desk is lined by all the mini-figures you can imagine while the wheels of a moving bicycle act as giant magnifying glasses for a closer look at these figures. The guest rooms hide monkeys, butterflies, and mighty knights. The desks about the lobby sport welcoming flower arrangements fit for the Ritz, yet made of Lego bricks.


Help Build the Actual Hotel

A colorful Lego figure holding a surfboard in true San Diego style stands atop a pedestal made of Legos. The pedestal is lined with colorful Legos, but stands unfinished. Fortunately it is surrounded by a pool of loose Lego bricks, so kids can help finish off the brand new hotel while they wait for their grown-ups to check in.


Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast at the Bricks Family Restaurant

Let your kids serve themselves at the child height buffet. While there are lots of healthy and delicious breakfast options, they might just opt to get their calcium from the soft serve ice cream machine. Dinnertime is never a hassle with kids here. Lego figure outlines cover the paper tablecloth, so kids keep busy coloring during dinnertime.

legoland hotel

Imagine at the Pirate Ship, Castle and Lego Pits

Just past the concierge, follow the Lego river that invites kids to explore the giant pirate ship that sails in a Lego sea and the adventure castle surrounded by a moat of Legos. Have a cocktail and a bite to eat at Mini’s Lounge while you watch the kids use their imagination. They will dart in and out of the play structure stopping every so often to make a Lego sword or a new friend. Come here nightly for some hula hoop action, storytime or Lego building contests, then be sure to hit the pool if the weather is right!


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