Medieval Art and Contemporary Luxury at this Artistic Treasure of a Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

The backdrop of Cappadocia, Turkey, for history and art lovers, photomaniacs and walkers is unmatched anywhere in the world. Among the incredible harmony of shapes and colors resides an known as the the Sacred House Hotel.

It is as magical and unusual as you could imagine at this very unique hotel. Precious decorations and beautiful antique furnishings enhance the atmosphere and luxurious comfort of the twelve totally different rooms. Every room is decorated in its own very distinctive style, the interiors reflecting the formation of the rock of which they are part.

Each room also has its own tale. Chevalier is a room that could have been featured in many a tale of medieval mystery. Anka’s Lair features a brass bed set beneath a soaring sculpture carved into the rock which could almost be the place where the handsome prince discovered his sleeping beauty.

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